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Magic Room

This project is my graduation project designed with the goal to let people relax in a VR environment inspired by sensory rooms in hospitals. 
Made with 3DsMax, Photoshop, Illustator, Unity, and the HTC Vive Pro.
All visuals made by me.


A game made for the KJRW (Kinder- & Jongeren Rechtswinkel) to teach children about legal matters that are important to them.
The player collects "scrolls of knowlegde" in platformer style levels to deliver to the local children which will make the world (literally) a brighter place to be.  
All art made by me.


This project was made when Unity came out with Enlighten to test out reflective and illuminative materials.
Materials on the balls made by me.

The Jumper

An AR game developed for the Center of Human Movement Science of the UMCG to help people with a stroke recover in an entertaining way.
Interactive objects made by me.

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